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Hearing Aids

Everyone hears in a slightly different way. This is because we hear with our brains not our ears. Your brain interprets sounds based on your personal experiences and lifestyle. Therefore your hearing solution needs to be based on your own individual hearing needs.

HearingLife works with a number of leading hearing aid manufacturers to ensure you get the right product for your hearing needs and budget. Our parent company is a global leader in hearing research and product development so we have access to the latest hearing technology at very competitive prices.

We provide warranties, customer support, cleaning and checking of hearing aids as well as repair services.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are many different brands and styles of hearing aids. Not all types will suit a particular hearing loss. More

Caring for your Hearing Aid


The Cost of Hearing Aids

We cannot put a price on the ability to hear and connect with people and the world around us. More

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